Snap Circuits Bric: Structures Combines Electrical Engineering and Architecture

September 27, 2022

Lego toys

Kids can fulfill all their building and experimenting needs with Snap Circuits Bric: Structures!

STEM toys manufacturer Elenco first unveiled the Snap Circuits Bric: Structures line in 2018 as a mashup between an electronic experiment kit and a building set. Designed for kids ages 8 and up, Bric: Structures is the latest addition to the Snap Circuits line.

Lego toys

Bric: Structures features battery-powered brick constructions that kids can build by snapping pieces together. The kit requires two AA batteries (not included) as a power source for all its designs, snap wires or jumper wires to connect individual electrical parts and create an electrical current between them, and bric2snap adapters to connect electrical parts to the brick pieces. The set’s electrical parts consist of colored LED lights, a lamp, a slide switch, a fiber optic tree, and a speaker.

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