(24-Pack) Life-Size Unpainted Wooden Eggs – 2 Dozen Fake Easter Eggs for Dyeing, Painting, Decorating, Crafting, Pretend Play Simulation Toys, Fake Food, and Nest Box Training


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  • MULTI-PURPOSE HYPER-REALISTIC FAKE FOOD – These faux eggs are not just for one season! Have a dozen or so extra eggs? There are dozens of ways to use these wooden eggs whether it be decorative or practical. Perfect for egg crafts, kids’ simulation play toys, props for a school production, kitchen fake food displays, pecking deterrent, broody hen test, and nesting box training for hens-to-be!
  • LIFE-SIZE UNPAINTED WOODEN EGGS – At 2.3 inches by 1.7 inches, they’re around the same size as a medium-sized chicken egg, if not lighter. These fake Easter eggs really look the part with smooth rounded edges and the perfect chicken egg shape. You wouldn’t know that they aren’t real until you take a closer look!
  • 2 DOZEN HIGH-QUALITY FAKE EASTER EGGS – Easter is coming soon! Celebrate with your entire family by painting and dyeing these high-quality fake easter eggs. And unlike other fake Easter eggs, you can enjoy these wooden eggs for longer as they can last for more than one Easter! Made from high-quality and high-density natural wood, these eggs are highly durable and reusable. They won’t crack and break apart even after suffering from a great fall!
  • FAKE EASTER EGGS FOR DYEING PAINTING AND OTHER EGG CRAFTS – If you are searching for fake Easter eggs that are easy to dye, paint, and decorate, you’ve come to the right place! The faux chicken eggs’ surface doesn’t need further preparation for painting or dyeing. They also hold paint, dye, ink, and glue pretty well. You can even use pencils, crayons, pens, and markers!
  • CHILD AND ANIMAL-SAFE PRETEND PLAY SIMULATION TOYS – Now here’s a fake egg you can let your kids play with. Made from natural materials, these 2 dozen eggs are odorless, safe, BPA-free, and free from harmful chemical additives that can emit noxious fumes during warm and humid weather.

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Life-Size Unpainted Wooden Eggs

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Egg Crafts for Both Kids and Adults Creativity knows no age!

Create amazing art with these wooden eggs. From tie-dyes to intricate patterns – you can do it all. You can use these eggs as mediums for your artwork. Use different types of paints, dyes, and coloring materials. Add texture and add-ons by gluing stuff to the eggs’ surface. And one thing you can do with these wooden eggs that you can’t do with other fake eggs is that you can carve and create wood-burning art on them!

Kids Simulation Play Toys Pretend

Add realism to your kid’s Kitchen simulation toys, supermarket simulation sets, or barn pretend playsets. They’ll enjoy having a tray of eggs to store in the fridge and cook on their pretend stove. They can also shop and sell eggs on their grocery counters. Collecting eggs straight from the chicken coop would also be quite exciting for children. They’ll have a blast collecting “eggs” from a “chicken coop” and storing them on egg cartons, and the best part is that no real eggs would be harmed!

Fake Food Display

Get your hen figurines some fake eggs for the company. They’ll make great display ornaments and conversation starters. Perfect for a barn or country-themed interior design. And since they’re unbreakable and the size of real eggs, these fake wooden eggs won’t be dangerous around pets and kids. Nest Box Training, Pecking Deterrent, and Broody Hen Test Want a better and alternative to ceramic nest eggs? Lead new hens to the nesting boxes, catch and deter egg eater hens, and identify broody hens all at once. With 2 dozen faux eggs in one pack, you’ll have plenty of eggs to go around. As these natural wood eggs are around the size of medium eggs, they will blend in well with the eggs of younger hens, adding to their reality.

These faux eggs are highly paintable.

You can paint them to match your hens’ egg color and they’ll never know the difference!

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